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Never Too Late 

Hi 2017,

They say a new year stands for new beginnings, new resolutions, new goals and aspirations. A time to start afresh, fix mistakes and settle to be better.
Why then don’t I feel this rave? Why is yesterday the same as today, today as tomorrow. It’s like 2016 never ended and 2017 isn’t here yet. You really should have waited you know. Waited for me to get on my feet, overcome the helplessness and uncertainty, start to live.

Am I a hypocrite for always telling people, “Live life to the fullest, Life’s short and living is a choice” when in actual fact all I do is stare at time hoping it’d pass while I drown in emptiness.


Hey, I thought a new year would be the solution but it turns out that nothing really changes, except we make it so.
The truth is, if I keep waiting to feel different and for life to force me to live, then it’d be 2018 and I’d still be waiting.
I’ve decided to make out my own fresh start and begin to breath again.

So here’s a happy new year to me, though 14 days late. I don’t know what fate has in store for me this time but I’ve decided this year’s going to be about figuring out what I want to be.
I want to be certain of my life’s direction, my career choice, my spiritual stand, my personal beliefs and most especially myself.

Do I really want to practice Law and if yes, what aspect of Law anyway? After a week of interning, I noticed Litigation Lawyers are really sober, strict looking and hardly smiles and Lawyers in the Commercial department are in fact the opposite. Well, I sure know I don’t want wrinkles pretty early.
When I was younger, I’d tell myself to wait patiently to see where life leads. I even finally decided to study Law a day to the submission of my form. It didn’t really matter then, things always worked out in the end.

Truth is, I don’t want to be the biblical description of a person tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine anymore.
I’m tired of not being totally certain of what the Bible actually says. Do we all go to heaven no matter what, as long as we believe, or do we have to work hard for it? Is God all love and kind and sweet or is he wicked and punishes every bad sneeze?

Does evil really exist in my family and do I really have to join in prayers fighting forces and demons and mountains I don’t see anywhere?
I’m tired of different Pastors with different doctrines, trying to plant fear in people’s hearts. I really need to know for myself what I believe in and what I do not. Some months back, someone stole from me during a church service and what really hurt was the fact that the Preacher was talking about free salvation without fear and it didn’t mean anything to the person. So I wonder even till now, does anyone actually listen to the gospel? Does it really change anyone or are we all deceiving ourselves?

Anyway, it’s time to live, love and laugh. To return those calls from old friends I refused to answer, make new friends and notice the little beauties of life. I can’t remember when last I sat under the stars singing to heavenly bodies about how I’m going to make it big and impact many lives. When last I stayed under the rain getting myself all wet to make me feel new. Hell! What happened to me?.

Positivity and confidence is what defines me and I’d let it guide me this new year as I shut my ears to the noise that has blocked my reasoning. Happiness is actually something you take for yourself not wait for it to be given to you, and it’s actually FREE!!!
Welcome to MAP, 2017. Let’s make it awesome.
ρя£sђ¥ ℓąℓą

Motivation Credit: Mayowa, for the push and for being there.


15 thoughts on “Never Too Late 

  1. Happy new year baby. Sometimes, we get to that place of questioning…Its necessary in order to find one’s self. I pray you get all the right answers to your questions even as you learn to live life to the fullest.😘

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  2. Haven’t we all been at this place where we seem to have more questions than answers?

    Of course I don’t have all the answers but I would answer this -“Does any one actually listen to the gospel and does it change anyone?”
    Yes people listen to the gospel and yes it does change people.

    Happy New Year dear..

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  3. Heyyy. Happy new year!
    Questions are okay. Doubt is okay, it means you’re ready to take your faith and beliefs seriously. Just know answers won’t just jam you. You have to be intentional about finding em. A great place to start is with the holy spirit, an open heart and your bible. Like for real, just tell God you don’t get, and get serious about understanding. And I promise things will be clear eventually but these things take time, so try not to skip, be frustrated or intimidated by the process, instead enjoy it and be convinced that it will all lead someplace good. Don’t worry, God’s got you. And I’m here to talk too, if you want. Here’s a really nice article on doubt:
    Have an amazing 2017 🙂

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  4. sometimes the thought of making new decisions about one self, overcoming peer pressure and rejection, and standing firm in our beliefs, is indubitably overwhelming. But these we must do to know our stance in life.

    God’s directive is all we need, cux we don’t know what the future holds.

    Nice post btw.
    #Highly motivational.

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  5. oh dear, i can relate again.As you said,enjoy the ride,but do what’s right.You may never get all the answers.If you take God’s step ‘one day at a time’, eventually you will find yourself where you should be.


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