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The Art Speaks Not to Me

I am not a lover of art works. I do not see the meanings you want me to see, the hidden mysteries and the deep words they supposedly speak. I appreciate the effort of the creator and the attempt to tell stories and emotions through pictures, expressions and lines. But art does not speak to… Continue reading The Art Speaks Not to Me

2019 · In my Head

Twenty – One

I turned 21 today. I cannot remember ever being this excited about growing older, and yet the cause of this innate happiness remains elusive. When I turned 18, I wrote  this in frustration, confusion and a lot of fear. Three years later, this girl is a lot closer to becoming. (if you are uncertain right… Continue reading Twenty – One


The Hult and the Hurt

I woke up today knowing I would write. My team was pitching at the Hult prize competition in my University to select the finalists for the regional rounds. While this is merely my fourth competition in the last few months, it was something I wanted to document. The team name is Demeter and our idea was about agriculture. Out of 44 teams, we qualified amongst the top 12 who battled again for the top 3. We weren’t among the top 3. But this story is not about Hult and no, I was not hurt by Hult.

Motivation Kinda

We Recreate, Because We’re Creators

My hand shook hard when he said "You'll lose everything on the hard drive". This was the real heart break. My heart literally broke into two and I could feel sorrow oozing out slowly from my arteries and disappointment spurting through my veins. It felt like I had just been informed of someone's death. Or that my result was out and I had dropped out of my grade class.

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2017 – The Year of Learning and Relearning 

Happy New Year beautiful people of LaLa Land. Yes, I know this is coming late as it is already nine days into the new year - I might have started this post a year ago and failed to complete it (these a year ago jokes really must stop lol) . I'd blame my upcoming school… Continue reading 2017 – The Year of Learning and Relearning 

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It’s okay, for everything not to be okay

When I was a kid, one of the first lessons I learnt from experience and on my own was that something would always go wrong. I didn't have to read a motivational book or the sayings of an old man, I just figured it out before I learnt the pronunciation of "bouquet". In that tiny… Continue reading It’s okay, for everything not to be okay