A Law Student. Five things people expect you to be


1. An Automatic Superb Punchline-generating Public Speaker

I really don’t know where people got the misconception that Law is simply about arguing, but it’s definitely everywhere. A typical Secondary school teacher would always tell the kid that loves arguing a lot, “Better go and study Law o”.
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It doesn’t really matter

Do you remember those times when you were younger and scared of the dark? Your first day at a new school wondering if you’d ever fit in or make friends? Your first moment before a crowd wishing the ground would open and swallow you up? Oh! Or when you broke your mom’s favourite vase and all you wanted was the powers to turn back the hands of time? A time when you were in so much pain and all you could think of was “I’m tired of life”.
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I came across this powerful quote by Paul Coelho, “One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now.”
I’ve never been one to sit down and think being more of a spontaneous person. So basically I prefer wasting long hours doing simply nothing in an ambience of voidness rather than thinking about anything at all… Thats what I’ve spent half of my life doing anyway.
But the whole ‘one day you’ll wake up thing’ sorta freaked me out and I realized I’m really getting old and someday I’ll just meet myself at 105years with 15 kids, 2 degrees, 1PHD, 15 books, 1awful music album and all the trophies in Criminal Case (I’m still on 61 rn) wondering how I spent my life.
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We cannot deny the fact that 100L was full of ups and downs. After struggling to enter the Great Faculty of Law with one of the highest Post Utme score, It’s not easy sitting in your first Law class and hearing your mates talking Law terms you’ve never heard of I tell you.

And that was how in Mr Alli’s first Legal Methods Class there were arguments whether Law was normative or imperative.
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