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2018: A year of many blessings

You know you had a good year when at the end all you have are fond sweet memories of innumerable blessings to be grateful for. You spent the last few weeks praying more so you can at least smile and claim it was a year of spiritual growth. And when few weeks to an exam you weren’t ready for, ASUU decides to strike, you know for sure that it was really really your year.

It takes a conversation about hospitals for you to remember you had tinnitus a week to first semester exam – the constant visit to the school clinic and referral to the University College Hospital. The fears from google, the tears from frustration and the mess it made of your exam preparation. You hardly remember all this and even though background noises irritate you now, you cannot use a earpiece, most of your phone calls are on speaker and you still clean your ears infrequently and carefully, the fact that you do not have tinnitus anymore is a blessing.

It takes someone else’s tweet on muffling tears to sleep every night to remember the times you had constantly cried to sleep and woke up crying because the bad news would not just stop rolling in. 

Your first road accident was long forgotten until crossover night during testimony time and you suddenly remember. The knocked over car, smoke and shock, the quiet sobbing walk away from it all without turning back to check on anyone else. The quiet whispers of people around saying, “she is in shock” while all you can think of was the smoke.  

Thing is, there were too many beautiful moments in 2018 to linger on the sad. Finally meeting Ifeoluwa Nihinlola, becoming a NHEF Scholar, interning at B&I, getting a new iPhone were a tip of 2018 highlights. For all the many blessings, I am grateful to God for his faithfulness. 

The birthday. 30/10/2018

A Review

I change the tag of my blog every year. I remember I started blogging because it was one of my 2016 dreams and it felt like a way to watch myself grow. Sometimes I read my old posts and I can see how far I have come. That’s one of the many beauties of owning a personal blog.

2016 was tagged “DreamChasing”. I remember it was a tough year with me pushing myself out, trying so many new things and being deliberate about my life. Hell, it was hard. Running for a political office was stressful and dealing with my falling GP was tiring. I remember falling back on my spiritual growth and getting tired of many religious philosophies and contradictory churches. I remember because I wrote about it. (If you are reading this and you have always wanted to start a blog, please start)

2017 was the year of “Discovering what really matters”. In the end, I had my Seven Lessons of 2017 and concluded that what made me worry constantly and scared never actually mattered.

The tagline for 2018 was “Evolving” and the goal was “Growth”. It was all about growing into who I am supposed. Now that I think of it, it is hilarious how I thought I was going to figure out myself and just evolve in one year. Evolving and Growth is a lifetime journey and this is just another year of the journey.

I really do not have lessons from 2018. I spent so much time living I hardly paid attention to the details.

I hardly have pictures from 2018 and when I tried to make a thread of a picture from every moment, I couldn’t reach 20. Sigh.

On lessons however, this little one may count. 

Don’t shut the doors to the endless possibilities ahead of you.

It is interesting how this is a line in my bio but did not come up until Jan 1, 2019. How? I had assumed the path I wanted to take for my life. Get the first class degree, slay law school, go to Harvard etc etc. I never thought about business or entrepreneurship or the financial line. The result of this is that I never went for seminars or trainings about these things because I assumed they did not relate.

2019 started off on a different note with a massive idea inspired by the Holy Spirit dropping on my laps. But I do not even know how to start or manage this because I never assumed I would change career line.

My point is don’t close the doors on what you can or cannot do. 

2019 is the year of “Endless Possibilities”. I think this is the craziest tagline I have ever used because I just decided on it right now while typing. I’m so excited as to what this year will bring but one thing I’m sure of is that I’m going to push, push and push while shutting my ears to the cannot!

My only portrait from 2018. I think it’s ugly but wellllll
I also think this photoshoot is ugly but wellll

And well this picture of me being extraaa 🤦🏾‍♀️

May this year bring many beautiful blessings for you and I . 


Happy 2019.

Preshy Lala


8 thoughts on “2018: A year of many blessings

  1. I really love the penultimate picture you posted. Wow! Your natural hair is long, that’s my 2019 target😂. I’ve tried different hair lotions ; hair wonder and many more. They are not working, I’m tired already😥.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Awww thanks Oladewa. Quite an interesting name and the first I’ve heard. On the hair, tbh I’m a lazy ass who only shampoos and use shea butter after washing. Never used a product so far. Just show those curls love and they’ll keep shining 😘


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