A little bit of reminder 

A little bit of reminder 

It’s been months since I last wrote something, anything. There are voices inside me sometimes and I hear them whisper what I ought to write. They live in my head, unrelenting, refusing to leave. So I abandon my head for them and live outside my body. Outside my body is totally different from the head. In my head there are rows and rows of cabinets and they’re all arranged by alphabets except not alphabetically. Someway, they never follow the natural order of A-Z; beside the P there’s the R and then the E. 

Yet my new home is a large hollow void. It has no beginning nor end, just darkness. I do not grope or struggle to find my way. I do not have any destination and instead I succumb to the darkness and become a part of it. We’re now one and the other. 

I know I should go home and inside my head but I cannot answer those voices. All they want is to be heard, for me to be their speaker, but I just cannot. 
I have to speak for myself first. And how do you lend a voice to the voiceless when you’re useless to yourself? 
However, today’s different. Or I think it is. I do not remember my dreams after I wake but I remember the emotions. So when I tell you I had a horrible dream, I do not know whether I was chased or what by. But the bitter taste of helplessness and hopelessness would always accompany me to the land of the living.

When I say last night’s dream was one of fulfillment, I cannot say how or why. But this I can know and feel – everything fell into place and I tasted contentment from getting all I wanted. 

So I told Niyi because I remembered he had a little feature in my nightly drama. He then asks, “What do you want out of life”. 

I stare around me at my dark empty not-so-new home. I cannot remember so much. I know I want a first class in the University and Law school and a lucrative job I’m good at. But that can’t be all. I cannot remember the rest. 

This time, I start to grope in the dark, as if the answers are right before me waiting for me to grab it. 

Who doesn’t know what they want???!!! 

I feel there’s a genie and a clock ticking. Time has gone, he was never on my side. My wishes are not horses, I do not get a ride. 

I’m indeed more lost than I had realize. The answer’s in my head, the home I left. I need to find my way home and remember what I want from life. 

Dear voices, May I be your voice? 

Writers note – Sometimes we do not write for the now but the morrow. Sometimes the aim is to look back and realize where we started from, the confusion we felt, the fear we dealt and admit that in a way, we have grown. 

Letter to the DreamKeeper

Letter to the DreamKeeper

Dear Mr DreamKeeper,
Shouldn’t we get over our fears as time goes on? Isn’t time supposed to heal all wounds and clean all tears?
The fear of the dark and the fear of standing in front of crowds. The fear of enclosed places and the fear of heights. The fear of dying by suffocation or dying by heat. The fear of getting heartbroken or being betrayed. The fear of forgetting a line or flopping a speech. The fear of losing a loved one or they losing you. The fear of finding out that little sharp chest pain is what it shouldn’t be. Those little fears that poke our subconscious and we pretend they don’t exist…
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