Letter to the DreamKeeper

Dear Mr DreamKeeper,
Shouldn’t we get over our fears as time goes on? Isn’t time supposed to heal all wounds and clean all tears?
The fear of the dark and the fear of standing in front of crowds. The fear of enclosed places and the fear of heights. The fear of dying by suffocation or dying by heat. The fear of getting heartbroken or being betrayed. The fear of forgetting a line or flopping a speech. The fear of losing a loved one or they losing you. The fear of finding out that little sharp chest pain is what it shouldn’t be. Those little fears that poke our subconscious and we pretend they don’t exist…

Well, 2016 is my tagged year of DreamChasing and honestly it has been exactly as history and posterity claims – NOT SO EASY.
It’s now the fifth month of the year and I’m sure you’d be interested in how far I’ve gone in the DreamChasing dream. The last four months have been pretty tough and stressful with lots of responsibilities, disappointments and pressure. However, the vision has always been my push and the goal, my drive.
I used to think I’m far past the fear of failure since most of my achievements in life are overshadowed with my numerous failures. Losing at the finals of the Presidents Debate and the World Changers Oratory contest, getting a substandard Waec result as well as a punch-in-the-face Jamb score, Jaw War losses, the disappointment of Philosophy101 exam result, the wasted times spent on the teenage facade of love (othrresh) are just a mere faction of my many crushed expectations. I’ve lost so many times, not caring is almost a reflex.
I remember vividly well my big dream of getting a 7.0 in my first semester during my first year. I remember clearly when my first result came out; that moment of dashed hopes and broken wishes, that feeling of loss for something you never got to have.:'(
Mr DreamKeeper, Why did that have to happen to me?

After so many losses in my life you’d think I’m past worrying about failure; I thought so too.
But hey, maybe I’m scared. Scared I’ll lose after working so hard to achieve these little dreams.
Scared at the end of the day, It’ll just be the leftover oozing odour of disappointment.


Today’s May first and someone told me May stands for ‘Miracle Awaits You’.
Well I need a Miracle I must say since only a Miracle can help me finish reading these heavy Law courses before exam, remember the hundreds of cases during the exam and get a 7 point after exam. Only a Miracle I tell you!!

My dear Mr DreamKeeper, allow me to deviate from the purpose of my letter to tell you a little about Law.
I’d describe Law in one word – HARD!!!
I’m still in my second year and after tasting a little of Law of Contract now I understand what the whole hullabaloo is about. Reading hundreds of pages of textbooks that seem endless, trying to cram dictums and sayings by jurists that’s been dead over hundred years with rules that have so many exceptions you wonder why it’s a rule at all… Urrrh!!
But hey, we’ll survive – others did.
I’ve to go now my dear friend, but here’s my wish before I leave – It’s May, make me gay and happy everyday, take stress away and make failure stray, let hope ray as my friends stay, and at the end let my dreams slay.

Your humble Dreamer,
ρя£sђ¥  ℓąℓą


3 thoughts on “Letter to the DreamKeeper

  1. oluchee says:

    You’ll scale through. No worries. You have no idea how my mind is working right now.. terrible. I should attack my own dream keeper. He sure is taking his precious time

    Liked by 1 person

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