99 wrongs

When I think of how far I’ve come, sometimes I get scared it’s just a dream.

Scared I’ll wake up back in Shaggy on the night of the Wolves. Wake up on the day of the beginning of the end glad I can now change history and fix my mistakes; or worse, wake up after the beginning of the end and relive my past pains, failures and disappointments.

It is always said that Two wrongs no matter how strong can never make a right, if that’s the case, then I’ll never become “a right” because I’m an end product of 99 wrongs.

Tonight, I cant help but remember my past mistakes and how I disappointed so many people. When I was younger, I was an epitome of high expectations. I carried the heavy burden of what people wanted out of me, what people expected from me. It wasn’t by ‘imperative force’, it was mere ‘local reception’ (LawLiHood)
I used to be the reference for responsibility and I lived up to the standard.
But soon enough I found out the enormity of one mistake, how it can erase all your achievements from people’s minds like the morning dew washes away the footprints of yesterday.
Maybe Good will never overcome Evil after all since we tend to judge people’s errors more than we sing their good deeds. Oh! Our dear old friend time, the possessor of the keys to the past, still wouldn’t release it so we can change what need be changed.

But hey! Here I am, ‘A right’. I made it through and I’m still standing strong. All I have left are memories locked in the chests of time and the remainder of teardrops I release only once a year now.

Well if you’re out there and you just made a terrible silly mistake that seems like It’ll cost you every single thing, making your future look bleak, gloomy and depressing, here I am the survivor of 99 wrongs preaching it loud that you’ll make it through.
It might take days, months or even years like mine, but if you lose everything, hold on tight to hope.

I cant promise you your friends won’t turn their backs and leave, I cant assure you that your family would stand by you or you’d get back everything you lost, but one thing I know right is that you’ll survive it.
Most importantly, fight any suicide thought. Remember you’re born to live and you’re not living because you were born; make everyday count. God loves you and there are better days ahead.
Look beyond your wrongs and hope for ‘a right’

ρя£sђ¥ ℓąℓą


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