Rays of Reality

The craving to write is one that has been eating me up so badly. School however has a way of sucking out both your time and energy leaving you dead tired with a truckload of textbooks to read.

Lately I’ve felt so stressed with a whole lot on my priority list and aspirations to achieve, nevertheless, I really want to share this new realization I just apprehended.
Scrolling through my phone gallery, I came across a 6 minute video sent from a whatsapp group that I didn’t even know was on my phone. It was a gruesome, horrifying recording of three young men being burnt alive by an angry mob. I have no idea where, how and why the barbaric act took place but seeing the young men running around trying to get the fire off their skin, rolling on the ground in pain and horror as they watched their own skin roast before their own very eyes in groaning while the bystanders took video clips happily with the aim of being the first to upload it on social networks, I immediately deduced that they were most likely robbers caught in the act of stealing. I skipped most parts of the recording as I couldn’t bear to watch another Human in pain. However, I was really curious to know how the Human skin looked after being roasted (I once saw an electrocuted person when I was younger though but my dad drove really fast past it to save my 10 year old innocent self) and well, for the first time in my life, I knew the end product of an human soaked with petrol and set ablaze.
I’ll spare us both the horrid details *smacks face twice*
Apparently, I felt terrible and horrified and the first question that came to my mind was, “What could a living Human do to another Human with a heart, mind, will and conscience that would make him so inconsiderate as to happily burn a living person to death?”
I made up scenarios of persons whose newly collected salaries, loans, cars, phones or other belongings were stolen by thieves yet I wasn’t satisfied. It just wasn’t enough reason!! I needed a bigger excuse from the people who burnt these supposed thieves to death. I needed the people taking the video to explain why they could be so unfair and evil as to video another man burning to death while conversing excitedly. They didn’t care.. Why??
Oh! What about the families of these thieves anyway? Would they publicly come to claim their relatives burnt remains or deny them as if they never even existed? I could imagine their moms being told about the fate of their kids while they rolled on the grounds in tears and sorrow wishing they trained them better.

I still didn’t understand Why! What could push a man to the point of barbarism and jungle Justice? What made Cain kill Abel in cold blood?
A week later the rays of realization dawned on me. I came across a picture of a very good friend of mine looking all beaten up with red swollen eyes. The caption on the post was basically thanking God for saving him from armed robbers who invaded his room off campus. Of course, I couldn’t help a sigh of relief, I almost lost a friend.
Scrolling down his Facebook wall, the next picture he was tagged to literally blew my brains out!
First of all, I don’t understand why exactly people take pictures of dead or dying people and then upload it on Facebook. I find it appalling, annoying and illogical. That however is an anger I would let loose another day.
This particular picture was a picture of my friend’s roommate soaked in a pool of his own blood killed by the armed robbers who invaded their off campus apartment.
I had no relationship with his roommate yet I felt terrible and bitter. I almost lost a friend!!!
At that exact moment, I finally understood! Just like the rising of a sun, understanding clouded my very existence.

Now I understand why a man can set ablaze and watch another man burn to death in pain and screams with the door of his conscience closed.
Now I understand the bitterness a man could feel that would push him to kill another man.
I can see fathers and mothers whose children were killed by robbers holding burning torches marching on a straight file, their feet stamping the ground, dust arising to the utmost heavens as they scream for revenge.
I can see young girls raped by armed robbers stabbing them over and over in wrath then afterwards placing their hands below their heartless hearts gleefully receiving the blood gushing out while laughing hysterically in pain.
I can see people whose friends were killed by armed robbers shooting any alleged thief straight into their brains without thinking twice about the ethical consequence.


Yes, Now I understand!
Yet I am angry at myself. Angry that I cant knock any sense into the heads of robbers. Angry that I cant find one to try and justify himself before me as I sit as the judge and jury. Angry because I cant find a justification for anyone killing even after Stealing. Angry because I cant save people being raped and killed everyday by wicked inhuman souls called thieves.
If only I could make a change.

ρя£sђ¥ ℓąℓą


4 thoughts on “Rays of Reality

  1. This post made me sad, I always condemn mob justice but your friend’s roommate’s story has given me an insight to why people can do that without remorse.
    Sad thing is, the armed robbers who did this might never be caught and the guys who get caught by these mobs are usually petty thieves.

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