Give It Up!!!

Looking at this big Law of Contract textbook, I cant help but wonder why Law has to be so hard. I wish the lecturers would just play scenes of “Suits” or “How to get away with murder” on that never-gonna-be-used projector in class.

Okay I know that’s too big a dream. How about acting out our textbooks? I can still remember scenes of movies I watched 10 years ago, it wouldn’t hurt Sagay and Ese Malemi to act out their textbooks would it?
This is actually sounding creative to me you know, except I’ve not read any of their books yet to describe how the scenes would go. But hey, dont laugh off my idea. It could actually work out and I’ll win a Nobel Prize for Shortcuts.
Anyway, I’m finally in 200level and yeah It’s really a big deal for me since I’m going to be officially studying more of Law courses than Art and Social Science courses. If there’s anything I’ve learnt in my first two weeks of the new session, It is the fact that Law isn’t Ice cream and I really love Ice cream *sulks*. Looking at the huge textbooks, it takes a whole lot of effort not to give up before starting.
Honestly, God has blessed me so much recently and it would be totally illogical of me to repay him back with laziness. I nonetheless can’t help my newly found love with laziness, getting stressed out everyday without doing anything substantial, and paying my daily homage to the internet.
I totally agree it’s high time I gave up some things.

Topping my list is of course laziness! The whole holiday ‘doing nothing everyday’ package is totally stuck to me and I cant even wake up early. More annoying is the fact that I enjoy being lazy. Who doesn’t anyway? Waking up late, dragging your feet, postponing everything postponable, wasting valuable time on nothing.. Believe me it’s sweet. But then, Failure is bitter.

Belittling my priorities humbly follows the list. Is it just me that keeps my whatsapp status as DreamChasing and end up Chasing Timewasters? I know I’ve got a whole lotta years ahead of me but I remember January 1 was yesterday and it just miraculously became February!!! I’m back on the DreamChasing dream all right (that’s a pun and don’t forget to applaud)

‘Don’t Procrastinate’ is basically the number one advice on those ‘7ways to excel academically’  or ‘7point Magic Centre for automatically getting A’s’ motivational books and I’ve had it rung into my big ears right from junior school by my teachers, School principal, parents and all. It’s high time I give up on procrastination now and forever hopefully as I keep reminding myself of what’s important and why they are.

Urrrh! My internet love comes last and allow me to insist as i always do, I’m not an Internet-addict, I’m just utilizing what’s available to my optimum satisfaction. Thinking about it, I really shouldn’t deceive myself, I’m not ready for the ‘cut down on social network’ thing but if you are, you really should try it. Social networks could be time wasters and setting fixed hours for internet surfing in a day could actually help. If it works out for you don’t forget to drop a comment and I might just get inspired to follow suit.

Well, It’s obviously time to face my priorities and say a No No to time wasters and you should do so too so you won’t spend every night wondering what you achieved throughout the stressful day as I’ve been doing recently.

This is the part where I’m supposed to drop some really dope motivational pun quotes that hits you like a punchline and gets you nodding your head right? I decided to stick with this, ‘Don’t Lose Focus’.

It’s obviously an overflogged constantly used advice you get every time from your mom, dad, friends, mentors, teachers, Pastors, Motivational books and all. But I think it covers it all, if you keep your priorities and desires before you and not behind, you’d achieve what you really want. You hear me? Don’t Lose Focus!!!
Chase those dreams and don’t stop believing in yourself


ρя£sђ¥ ℓąℓą


10 thoughts on “Give It Up!!!

  1. God has blessed me so much and repaying him with laziness would be bad… Truly, it would be a bad decision and one that you would dislike the most… Great to see a young person trying to be focused and doing her best… Love this post. Go presh. 🙂

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