Dark Shadowed Clouds

Some days are good, some days are bad while some days leave you marking your calendar as a memorial for the worst day of the year.
Funny enough, the February month has a record of housing my worst days of the year maybe I should just rename it FeaRuary, FrightRoary, or even ForbidRuary.

So it started out like this, I was forcefully woken up in the morning from a wonderful dream by a phone call, I really can’t remember what the dream was about but it felt wonderful nonetheless. That should have been my sign of a terrible day ahead I guess, so next time someone wakes me up from a sweet dream with a phone call I’ll be better prepared.

Well, It was a new hair day for me and new hair days get me pretty excited. A mental picture of my schedule ahead dragged me to my feet and as I breezed through my chores, a friend came over asking for the bible he gave me at church the previous day. Omg! I didn’t even remember to take it with me after the service and I felt really terrible. He was probably pissed and didn’t want me to feel bad I guess so he just left saying he’d go get it himself. Oh! Maybe the angels of friendship had me punished today because of my forgetfulness who knows?
Anyway, my dad’s birthday is tomorrow.. I’m much closer to my dad than my mom and we’re more of a PreshAndPopsTeam. I really wanted to get him a birthday gift but then I was in a ship named ‘Broke’, I call it Broke-ship.

Well, FatherDaughter-ship proved stronger than Broke-ship so I decided to spend my last cash on a birthday gift for my dad. Getting to the Store I asked for the price range of Male perfumes and the typical Igbo storekeeper started from the highest price that made my eyes bulge out of my head (with my average coconut-sized eyes, you can imagine). I couldn’t help but scream at him, “Go lower o, Noo lower than that, that’s too high se, lower”, until he reached the lowest price. ‘I think I’d take the lowest One o’, I insisted and the storekeeper inquired about the status calibre of the person I wanted to get it for. When he heard it was my dad, He suggested I shouldn’t waste my money on a cheap perfume he would definitely never use.

Isn’t giving supposed to be about the heart and not the gift anyway?
The case of the cheap perfume was ugly by the way, so I ended up buying a more expensive one leaving me with #0.00.. Well except for the money in my blocked Gtb account that’s pretty much a goner.

To cheer my brokeself up, I kept reminding myself it was my new hair day and I was going to try out the Fringe hairstyle for the first time. I have a very big forehead popularly called “Opon” and of course the thought of covering it up for a while was appealing.
I still don’t understand how exactly I have a big forehead, big eyes and big nose all on the same face lol.
At the salon, the hairdresser started her professional bantering or should I say whyning of how beautiful I’d look when she was done and I was blushing happily.
Urrrh! After 3 hours of the whole dillydallying I didn’t know whether to scream, cry, faint or whatever. I did not even have money to vex and ask her to loose it and make something else! Being rich has it’s benefits I tell you.
I was broke and my hair was terrible. The day cant get any worse can it?

Home’s like my personal place of peace. While most teens enjoy hanging out all day and having fun, staying home doing nothing all day in an aura of peace is typically Me.
At that moment, I knew I needed to get home as fast as possible, lie down, sleep off and forget all my troubles (It works believe me)

Getting home to find my puppy dead was the peak of it all. I immediately knew the month of February was cursed for me. Yeah I cried, a whole lot. I know I do boast I cry once in a blue moon. But hey, this is obviously a blue moon.

Some days are good, Some days are bad while some days like today just leave you like..

Of course I’d change my hair, get money eventually but I cant get my dog back can I? I know it sounds stupid but I’m kinda glad it all happened on the same day. Staring at the sky right now, I cant find the moon but hey I see the tiny stars far up in the sky screaming loudly at Me, “Tomorrow’s gonna be Okay”

ρя£sђ¥ ℓąℓą



4 thoughts on “Dark Shadowed Clouds

  1. First off, bad hair days suck! I’m always excited about my new hair days but bad hair days feel like the world is gonna crumble on me. Glad you recovered from it all. And no, never get a cheap perfume- you’d regret it! 😉 Sorry about your puppy. You can’t have it back but you can build a new relationship with another one. Haha, sleeping it off works for me all the time! I enjoyed this post and the positivity expressed at the end. God bless!

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