A Law Student. Five things people expect you to be


1. An Automatic Superb Punchline-generating Public Speaker

I really don’t know where people got the misconception that Law is simply about arguing, but it’s definitely everywhere. A typical Secondary school teacher would always tell the kid that loves arguing a lot, “Better go and study Law o”.

If I learnt anything at my first court visitation, It’s that Lawyers only state their claims and do not even raise their voices or argue. Probably due to this misconception, everyone just expects all Law students to be natural public Speakers. Well, when the Faculty of Law (UI) lost at the biggest public speaking competition of the year, you could imagine the excitement and shock everyone felt and of course other Faculties couldn’t help feeling felicitous at the fall of the Lion of the Public Speaking jungle. No one raised an eyelid when Science or Arts lost their round though.

2. A sesquipedalian

There is no doubt that an average Law textbook consists of really big words and latin phrases, nevertheless the belief that Law students by default know all words and their meanings is something I still cant come to terms with. Apparently, when your non-Law friend or roommate comes across a really difficult word, she automatically turns to the Law Student in the room for the meaning (yup, we’re synonymous to dictionaries these days) and if by ill-luck you don’t know what it means, you hear stuffs like “Oga o! And you’re supposed to be a Law student”
Urrrh! Law is different from English can someone please tell them!!
Oh! And if you’re unfortunate enough to make a grammatical error as a Law student….
Funny enough, when Law students use pretty simple words like “antidisestablishmentarianism” they end up being called show-offs, haughty, ITK’s and so on



3. Fashionable

Despite the black and white uniform that has been constantly referred to as ‘used tom-tom packets’, ‘zebra stripes’, ‘floor tiles, ‘choir outfit’ and other funny names by non-Law students, It’s just congenitally expected of Law students to be fashionably dressed. Of course when a Technology student wears brown belt on black shoes no one actually cares, but when a Law student does…



This is the most popular stereotype about Law students and every single unintentional pass-over or slight controversy is attributed to it. It’s funny how people confuse Self- Confidence and high self esteem for Pride but to be honest an Average Law Student always feel he’s better than other students in other Faculties. Of course we’re better, they don’t have to memorize hundreds of Law cases and Statutes, solve Complex problem questions with rules and their applications, sacrifice Idia and Queens courses for till-day-break reading every night, spend all day with textbooks on library dates rather than socializing and walk everywhere with the Black Law’s dictionary as their second phone.
And of course, Black and white is not just a colour, It’s an ‘attitude’.

5. Perfect

I came across a recent Facebook post on an Academic page where a Law student claimed he was bored, posted his picture and phone number for anyone interested to chat up. Obviously, It’s pretty silly and inappropriate since it’s more of an Academic group page than a Social one but he isn’t the first to do so anyway. However, running through the comments on the page I realized most people did not actually care that he posted something non-academic or inappropriate but rather about the fact that he is a Law student.
Comments like,
‘Are you sure you’re a Law student?’,
‘When did Law students become actually jobless’,
‘So there are dumb Law students’
and so on trailed this post, not like the guy actually cared anyway.

The belief that Law students should and must not break any kind of rule since they’re studying the Law itself is outrageously illogical and probably based on the wrong assumption that a law student is the same as a Lawyer.People seem to forget that just because a person is studying Medicine doesn’t make him a life-saver, neither does studying Technology make you an inventor.
Yeah, everyone expects a Law student to be perfect, live strictly by the rules and conform to Societal norms.

Don’t forget however that Black and White is not a colour, It’s an attitude and we remain Loyally Attached to Winning #LAW


ρя£sђ¥ ℓąℓą


13 thoughts on “A Law Student. Five things people expect you to be

  1. Adediran Adeyemi says:

    grt work 4rm u ………dis is z Adeyemi…snr presh ,…i hav always luked up 2 u as a role model…You ar making me feel overwhelmed n courageous right naw bcos m also planning on studying law in U.i if i get admitted by God’s grace dis year …luking 4ward 2 seeing you again

    Liked by 1 person

  2. kosi says:

    Y’all are not better than the other students in different faculties, I dunno where you got that one o. Tbh,the fact that you’re studying law and you have to memorize all those stuff doesn’t mean you’re better

    Liked by 1 person

  3. loved the article and this line made my day –> An Automatic Superb Punchline-generating Public Speaker.. Indeed it is true,the ideas of how the professions are shown in the movies are so predominant in people’s mind they are surprised when they see them in reality. LOL

    Liked by 1 person

  4. D'Dream says:

    I agreed with all the points raised however the superior mentality is what is the idea I don’t buy. And yeah every other faculty students have the right to feel superior as the law faculty students too

    Okay let me evaporate before I’m tagged the “pained one”

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Lauren says:

    So very accurate. Even simple things as typing up a letter for my parents or reading over an email for my sister…just because I’m a law student and I supposedly can write perfectly…

    Liked by 1 person

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