It doesn’t really matter

Do you remember those times when you were younger and scared of the dark? Your first day at a new school wondering if you’d ever fit in or make friends? Your first moment before a crowd wishing the ground would open and swallow you up? Oh! Or when you broke your mom’s favourite vase and all you wanted was the powers to turn back the hands of time? A time when you were in so much pain and all you could think of was “I’m tired of life”.

Some of these and many more are silly memories of fear we’ve had in the past and we just wonder, “How was I even scared of that in the first place?”
My fear of the dark as a kid is something that still amazes me till today. Conjuring up images of monsters coming to tear me up and crying out my eyes when I wake up to meet the lights off.. Now I cant even sleep with the lights on.

So where exactly am I going with this?
Our yesterday fears now seem ridiculous and ludicrous! Our past mistakes now linger as hilarious memories of the past.
We’ve had so many embarrassing experiences that we felt we’d never get past and now they just don’t matter anymore, such as when you forgot your lines at an oratory competition in school and you cried all week wishing you could just make everyone forget it happened and now it’s just a joke you and your friends laugh about.
I could go on and on! Moments you felt so sad, down or bitter due to some unplanned occurence and you just kept on thinking of the What Ifs and the What Ifn’t (don’t bother checking the dictionary)

And today, they aren’t really significant anymore and you wonder why you felt so bad after all.

So where exactly am I going with this?

The Class presentation you messed up at yesterday, or the party you embarrassed yourself at last weekend or your mom’s frame you broke this morning, that’s making you feel all bad wishing you can just go back in time and fix everything, earnestly praying for your own chance at 16 wishes, maybe it doesn’t matter after all. At the end, everything will always work out fine.
So instead of sulking and feeling miserable, just remind yourself of past terrible moments like this and how it went well and give yourself up to a really good laugh. And that’s why I will forever love Sofia the First, yeah I know I’m kinda too old for disney junior but that girl sure knows how to look beyond her problems.


So why don’t you take on the Sofia attitude today and remind yourself, “It doesn’t really matter, everything will be fine at the end”. Make today your tomorrow’s happiness!!! 

ρя£sђ¥ ℓąℓą


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