Misfit Friends

Who made the rules? Why must we fit in? Who defined normalcy? That’s all they ask.

She dreads her hair, wears male clothes and detests gowns or skirts, speaks vulgar, totally loves rock bands and Gothic metals.

He’s against every single ethical code, dresses feminine, loves makeup – a typical gender bender.

He however, is a little more socially “acceptable”, but he’s in support of sagging, gayism, abortion and every single controversial topic you can think of!
Here I am, the ‘normal’ friend, fed by morality, bred by legality, tainted with normality and in love with Society. So I pretend like I don’t notice their lifestyles because I love my friends too much to let personal choices come in between us… Maybe an argument once in a while, but I cant help but back out first.

There’s nothing more frustrating than having Misfit friends who boldly claim what they are. Rocking Misfit groups, attempting to change the status quo, making new rules and having backup logical answers for every argument you could bring up.  So you might be wondering what being a Misfit is all about – Creating their own fashion, music and way of life. They don’t conform to societal standards or norms but rather innovate their own rules and identity!



My Beliefs

Life’s short and to live is a choice. Homosexuality is a choice and thus the right to choose should be respected. Nevertheless, when Laws do not conform with Societal norms, there is bound to be disintegration within the Society.


Life’s a mystery to both you and I. The source of life is a controversy that has never been resolved and might never be.
Thus, no one should have the right to take another’s life as long as they can’t create one. However, what’s the use of bringing in an unwanted child into a world of poverty and suffering only to die few months after?


Revealing my underwear and wearing my pants halfway down is my decision and not yours and doesn’t affect nobody unlike Murder or Stealing. Whether the act of sagging evolved from Prisons or not, Kanye still wears sagging pants. However, until banks, Law Firms, Hospitals and Schools allow their employees to sag, there’s really no justification.

Bending Gender rules isn’t so bad and takes a whole lot of courage. But what if it’s just the normal adolescence confusion you get over after a few years? So what then is the point of misleading a whole lot of people and attempting to destroy the core values on which our Society itself lay upon?

Well, writing out my Frustration sure didn’t solve my problem. I still have Misfit friends, I still love them and I still believe everyone has the freedom to choose. Oh! And I still remain chained down to Societal norms.



7 thoughts on “Misfit Friends

  1. tunisiajolyn84 says:

    “Here I am, the ‘normal’ friend, fed by morality, bred by legality, tainted with normality and in love with Society.” Love this line. And that’s good that you have a diverse group of friends. It shows you have an open mind, even if you don’t agree with everything or understand it. I think if more people were like you, the world would be a much better place.


  2. Dominic says:

    Hmmmmm,i certainly recognized the girl who dreads her hair,listens to gothic rock and metal music. Lol,but i didn’t recognize the one who speaks vulgar though, lol. I dont think that’s her thing really. And i didn’t recognize the one who wears ‘male clothes’. The one i know dresses in what i would call a gender neutral way. Most of her clothes are neither strictly male nor female. Also,i do have a question. Why do the questions of abortion and sagging appear under the topic ‘Misfits…’? This is definitely an interesting read with just a few bumps and controversies *winks*. Lol,well…i think you have the lovely gift of a rather cunning style of writing. You have successfully managed to state both sides of the matter without actually stating YOUR side of the matter and therefore further confusing us! Lmao!! Precious!! Lol,oh dont mind me…ofcourse i’m just being the misfit and trying to find some issue to criticize. But i LOVE this! I was soooo excited when i saw this!! I blushed like a mad person! Oh,and i do love you in all your perfect normalcy too! Muah!

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