One thing I’ve come to realize is this, the best moments are not always the happiest. They’re just memories you can never trade for anything (except a 7.0 CGPA shaa). My first year was definitely not the sweetest…

It was so cool seeing fresh seniors coming to help with our registration and some even collected our numbers, dropped websites and tips to help. Oh! It was cooler when they even helped with past questions, pdf materials and photocopies. Not until, we started seeing banners and posters of intended political ambitions. Of course, they succeeded in “catching us young”

Apparently, we were more of course borrowers as we had to run to virtually every department to sign course forms. Urrrh! That was the worst part of being a freshman. With the huge Xrays that cannot fit into a bag and must never be folded, the whole world already knows you’re one of the JJC. Then when you ask for directions, they can’t help but mumble ‘bloody freshers’ as if they were never one.

Anyway, It was just for a few weeks. A few weeks of entering drop from Mellanby to Admission Office while the cab man exploits you into paying #150. A few weeks of strolling under the hot Sun and doing 50 photocopies a day. A few weeks of long queues just for registration and realizing you’ve been on the wrong one for three hours. Oh! The pains of being a freshman.

Art and Social Science courses ranging from philosophy, sociology, psychology to anthropology and all the orgies. Jotting every sneeze of the lecturer and attending all available tutorials. Sampling all Fellowship’s freshers welcome and painfully insulting the ones that refused to share food (Hehe I did none of that). Hustling past questions and materials from the tight-fisted ones who think they’re the only ones that deserve the pass (You know yourself dear).

Oh! Some courses forever leave a tingle of sourness at the tip of your tongues while some release memories triggering a truckload of liquid at the side of your eyelids. Starting with Philosophy, there was no funnier and more interesting course than that except for Psychology. With our wonderful Afolayan spending two periods making us laugh hysterically while all we had was an half page note at the end of the class. If only we knew our laughter was our exams. If only we didn’t laugh away our 7points. After all my claims of watching the Sun set at night (does any one actually do that?), staring at bubbles on top of my coffee (I don’t have job shey) and sweet talking how philosophy touched my life and I can now think reflectively and critically, when I saw my result I laughed in sorrow at the darkness of man’s heart.

Philosophy result wasn’t as shocking as Sociology anyway as the ‘supposed’ most simple Social Science course had us carrying 50s and 55s for the lucky ones. I remember when I saw my test result….

Well, first semester wasn’t so bad compared to the second.

You know when you see your GPA first semester 100L and you’re like, “Damn, this is the worst result I’d ever have in this school. I’ll show them next semester”. And next semester leaves you like….IMG_20160112_041321

A very big lesson I learnt in my 100L days, “Beware of funny lecturers that get you laughing hysterically in every class”. They’re preparing you well for your cry of pain in the exam hall. And that was how Psychology the second simplest course of Second Semester stabbed us in the back like Brutus to Julius Caesar and I couldn’t help but modifying his famous quote saying “Et tu Psychology?”. When I saw “Myelin sheath and forescular something something of the brain” in the hall, I sharply started calculating my CGPA. 

Legal Methods was actually not bad for me compared to others, my heartfelt hug goes to all those who were only able to answer Question 1, Contract and NLS awaits you. The two English courses however… Tracing back my memories to those days in primary school where your best Subject is English Language and you know all the parts of speech, tenses, plurals and all of that. What happened to the Joys of English Language anyway? . And so we faced our Nemesis just as Harry Potter faced Lord Voldemort…  For those who have watched the popular ‘Suits’, I used to think I’d end up like that Mike Ross with all the laws and rules in my head…

The point is, no matter how painful the slyings were, It still made up our best memories and when we finally become LLB Ultimates, our LLB story would be da bomb. #KlassOf19


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6 thoughts on “BEST 100L MOMENTS 3

  1. oluade says:

    For all my claims of watching the sunset at night. I did that if I could remember twice…. n it was beautiful. pls do when u get this message try to watch d sunset n u will know I wasn’t lie….. it is beautiful…. Corper oluade

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dominic says:

    Hahahahah! Preshie! This made me laugh inside my heart cause i’m actually in class right now(dont worry,don’t scold,lecturer’s not in yet). But now i’m preparing myself for all this….seeing as i’m even having some issues with philosophy now. Lmao! Well well,i just have to say,LOVELY write up here! It’s Dominic by the way…

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