We cannot deny the fact that 100L was full of ups and downs. After struggling to enter the Great Faculty of Law with one of the highest Post Utme score, It’s not easy sitting in your first Law class and hearing your mates talking Law terms you’ve never heard of I tell you.

And that was how in Mr Alli’s first Legal Methods Class there were arguments whether Law was normative or imperative.

As a secondary school boss, I couldn’t help but feel intimidated by these smart looking guys with geeky glasses who probably did Pre-Law coaching lesson or maybe their dad are Lawyers anyway. I sharply opened my phone dictionary and checked the meaning of imperative and normative as the unknown girl sitting beside me tried to drag me into a private argument of the matter.

Well, that was just the beginning of the intimidation package. With Mr Alli asking about the recent court case between two igbo names I’ve never heard in my life and a fellow classmate boldly answering the question, I began to regret the long months spent watching Nickelodeon, Trace and MNet at the expense of Channels and AIT.

In every Law class, We have the ITK’s, the front-sitters, the question-askers, the Noise-makers, the Stenographers, the late-comers and the back crew.

Starting with the ITK’s aka Intimidators, you cant help but wonder if they’re coming back for their secondary degree or something. They’ve already finished the textbook before the semester started and just want to show off. The best part of the class is when the Lecturer shuts them up, the whole class cannot help but shout in glee “Hehe God af catch you”

Moving to the front-sitters, Unfortunately I’m one of them(definitely not a Stenographer though). You remember in secondary school when your teacher and principal sits the whole ss3 down to give them pre-University advice and topping the list is ‘always sit at the front during lectures and jot everything the lecturer says’. Of course, we followed the advice diligently, not like we had an A at the end of the day anyway. Front-sitters are mostly Stenographers as they try so hard to copy word for word what the lecturer says. Hehe! Awon efikos

Of course, the class is never complete without the question-askers. Lecturers are bombarded with both silly, dumb and intelligent questions and 2whole periods end up diligently wasted on whether the court was justified in cancelling the election of God knows who. But when the question-askers attempt to drag the class past the period you start hearing shouts like, “IJ itaf do o! Na only you pay school fees, wetin sef”

Oh! The late-comers and the back crew work hand-in-hand. As they come late, they majestically walk to the back where they run the “disturb the class affairs”. They’re indispensable anyway in their job of dealing with the ITK’s and question-askers. I love those guys.

And that’s how the first year of ups and downs started…with the good, bad and ugly experiences… Urrrh!!!  The Great Klass of ’19!!! IMG_20150811_183500


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