Ironies of Irony

Day and night we wonder, what has life in store for me?

Riches, happiness and all the best? Poverty, misery and all the worst?

If only we could have our future unfolded. 

Life they say is not a bed of roses, Life they say is not fair, It’s just a struggling land for survival. 

Who decides our fate if I may ask, God, destiny or ourselves? 

Is it not funny how things never go as planned? Is it not funny how we manage to be grand? 

We often complain of life and it’s poise, do we not realize that living itself is a choice?

Why then do we work so hard to survive. Why on Earth do we even try to thrive? 

Life is an irony I say but without life we are nothing I maintain 

A wise  man however once said, life is like a book. Some chapters happy, some sad, some exciting. But if you never turn the page you’d never know what the next chapter holds.


5 thoughts on “Ironies of Irony

  1. Kaba Mohammed says:

    Beautiful story ……… Drain more ink …….,,keep the story alive ……….see up there ……. Linder ikegi….., is ten floors below……,,u just starting…..

    Liked by 2 people

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